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Andrés M. Briganti is an independent visual designer and graphic artist currently based in Buenos Aires (Argentina), working with local and international clients.

With a focus on visual identity and a typography-led approach, his work spans over various fields of visual communication, including: books, printed matter, apparel, illustration and websites.

Photo: Josefina Schargo


I’m always interested in new projects and collaborations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!
+54 (9) 11 5106 8430

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Visual Identity
Brand Strategy
Editorial Design
Bespoke Typography
Web Design

First Person*

I was born on a rainy Tuesday, in an island city surrounded by a wall

I’m obsessed with language(s)

I learned German because I wanted to read Goethe auf Deutsch. I never did

Euh bref, je suis bien francophile aussi

I like bouldering

I like rocks and the sea

I like good coffee.
I also believe that any coffee is better than no coffee at all

* or, highly irrelevant information.


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Typism Book 5
USA, 2019

Pioneers – Layout Design
SendPoints, China, 2014

Computer Arts Collection
Branding Annual 2014
UK, 2014

32 | 64 | 90
UK, 2014